Turn your roof into an asset

We help monitor, protect and utilize commercial and industrial roof space

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  • Continuous roof monitoring

    Moisture and humidity sensors that detect the presence of leaks

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  • Roof maintenance automated

    Automatically notify roofing contractors of leaks and damages

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  • Turn your roof from a liability into an asset

    Join a marketplace where developers bid on your roof space

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"Their knowledge of solar industry and expertise in roof structural was a huge advantage they brought to the project. [...] This project has generated enthusiasm across the entire Somerville, drawing in also the Mayor to the launch party."

Dave Lewis, President, Avid Management

"My company, SunBug Solar, worked with Potluck on Somerville’s first community solar project in Davis Square. [...] They foster a positive environment that makes collaborators want to go that extra mile to execute superior projects."

Ben Mayer, VP for Residential Projects, SunBug Solar